Brushing up on the Basics: Keyboard shenanigans, Screenshots, Filing your apps

I have covered all these topics already so I am just going to post some links to previous posts.  All this will also be covered in Beth’s fantabulous back to basics workshop tomorrow so don’t worry if you cannot penetrate my purple prose!

 English & French Keyboards, Accents, Spelling and Caps

  1. Press the on/off button at the top of the ipad and at the same time press the ipad button in the centre.
  1. Once you pressed the ipad button let go- don’t keep on holding down as it will just power off your ipad.
  2. You should see a flash of white and then the sound of a camera taking a photo.
  3. The photo is then stored in your photos app (that comes with the ipad).


Folders? What is that you are talking about? Beth (IT Guru) showed me how to collect subject specific apps all in one place!

A view inside the Books Folders
    1. Press for a couple of seconds on an app you would like to move.
    2. Drag it on top of an app with a similar subject (eg. ibooks on top of the kindle app).
    3. This will create a folder – you’ll see a black box form around the apps. Let go.
    4. Your two apps will appear inside the folder. Click on the name bar.
    5. Rename your folder to whatever you want.
    6. Click anywhere but in the black box to exit.

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