What’s up in the iPad world: Articles from my Google Alert

School System Tweaks Its Wi-Fi for Better Control

By Matt HamblenComputerworld

The school system sometimes wants to restrict which printers and displays can be used with Apple’s AirPlay and AirPrint technology over Wi-Fi, said Phillip Hardin, executive director of technology at RSSS in Salisbury. That way, certain printers can be tied to private student and staff information kept on iPads and other devices. “Also, we don’t want someone projecting video in another classroom where it’s not wanted,” he said.

Conversely, Hardin sometimes wants to allow a video on an iPad to play on displays in various buildings, some using separate networks called subnets or virtual LANs. Today, Apple’s Bonjour zero-configuration networking technology won’t allow management controls across multiple subnets, but that’s about to change, he said. Read more

iPads In Education: Special Edudemic Magazine Issue Now Available!

Cheap / Free

The special issue is just $0.99! And if you’re a subscriber, it’s free! You’ll see it automagically appear in your Edudemic Magazine app next time you open it. Just download and enjoy.

How To Get It

It’s available in the new Edudemic Store if you don’t have an iPad. You can buy the PDF version here.

It’s on the Edudemic iPad app. Just download the free app and you’ll see it as an option to buy for $0.99. If you’re a subscriber, it’s free! Read more…

Discounted iPad 2 attracting new customers, ‘unlocking’ education demand By Daniel Eran Dilger

At the launch of the new iPad, Apple continued selling the previous iPad 2 at a discounted $399 price. Over its first quarter, the new price point is attracting a new audience of buyers, particularly in education. Read more…


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