Part III: Excel-ing in Office Squared

So I took my handy dandy google doc for potential Traf Reads titles and opened it in Office Squared (still reeling from this awesome feature).

The first thing I did when it opened was try to adjust the width and the height. It took me a while to figure it out but was finally able to find the way to make the boxes bigger or smaller:

Then I figured out how to adjust the width by holding your finger on the line you want to move and then sliding your finger, sort of like you would do in excel with a mouse on your desktop:

The dotted line is the one moving. However, I still haven’t figured out how to change the height this way, which is a little frustrating. But that might just be me and my sausage fingers not able to catch the line…

You can assign a type to each column, pretty much the same options you get in your regular Excel:

You can also highlight rows, change font, and all that wonderful style stuff:

You also have a whole range of functions available, many of which don’t mean anything to me. The one that I do find using a lot is the “sum” function, either for my budget or for calculating book list orders:

Here are the specs from their iTunes store description:


☆ Handle multiple worksheets with unlimited rows and columns
☆ Search and sort cells
☆ Cell formatting: (bold, italic, borders, text and cell color, alignment, text wrapping)
☆ Cell types: General, Number, Currency, Percentage, Date, Time, and Text
☆ Merge cells feature
☆ Pane freezing
☆ Tap and drag to change row heights and column widths
☆ Intelligent auto range selection for range based functions
☆ Tap cells to compose formula
☆ Insert, copy, paste or cut cell ranges, rows or columns
☆ Date formats, date separators and numeric separators are all handled correctly according to the current locale, with manual override
☆ 146 different functions

The one thing that I notice is missing is the option to create a chart with your data, which feels like a huge oversight. If I am not mistaken, numbers for the iPad still allows you to create beautiful graphics representing your info. Hopefully Office squared will feel the pressure and make this option available for the iPad.

I am sure many of you have more complex needs for Excel, so if you have a problem  or an exercise and want to know whether excel can do it, let me know.


Office Squared: Word up!

Having trouble getting used to Pages? Want your Word back?

Well, you’re in luck.

When you create a new document here are your options:

Let us choose document, as I want to write the words, yo.

As opposed to Pages, where you have to close your document, then name it, Word asks you to name your document from the get go (which I love, as I always forget to name my Pages document and now have several docs entitled “blank”):

You can also turn on the spell check function which is, way less obnoxious than the auto-correct on Pages. Back to the little red lines, a friendly notice that your typing skills sucks.

Word count is also a nice feature, as is the find option! I love the find option! But that might just be the librarian in me…

When I highlighted my misspelled word, I found out that though they don’t offer any suggestions for correct spelling, highlighting text gives you the option to add footnotes and endnotes:

As for the printer, when I clicked on it, it wasn’t able to connect to any of our printers, which I think might be a fixable problem, one to ask Ms. Tech Guru… The other option for View is screen lay out, which just makes everything bigger, as far as I can see…

Inserting a photo is as easy as it is in Pages:

A neat option is the text box which you can find in the “shapes” tab:

Though I just tried it and it is a little awkward to manipulate…

You have the basic style options:

If you want to email the document to yourself, you have less options than Pages- you can email it as a word document (which makes sense since it is a word document). You also have to save and close your work and then tap the little blue arrow beside the name to email it:

One last important note: every time I took a screen shot of Office it shut off and I lost my work. I think it might be a little bug in the system right now, but I will stress that SAVING YOUR WORK  frequently is a good idea. Office unlike Pages, does not do it automatically.


Tech Guru Decrees Office2HD is the Bomb

And I agree. But only after I flailed around trying to get to the holy grail of being able to edit my documents from Dropbox and Google docs.Because this is what makes Office great: the sharing possibilities!

And yes, you can make your word documents, excel sheets and power points directly from your iPad with Office Squared (the two is supposed to be superscript but I can’t figure out how to do it..) but I will deal with that in subsequent posts.

Today, all I wanted to do is see if it actually worked- if I could actually edit something from my google docs and dropbox.

And, yes, yes you can. But first you have to add “the service”. To do this you tap the  “back” button:

Then tap “edit”:

Then tap “add service”:

And voilà! Once you allow access via your email and password you get a list of all your files!

Here are the files from my dropbox:

Here is a spreadsheet from my google docs:

Next post…other office squared stuff!

Quick Use: Scanning my to-read pile with good reads


Hi, my name is Lina and I am a book horder. I am surrounded all day by books that I really really want to read. In order to not forget that I really really want to read them, I have been in the habit of stealthily taking them off the shelves where people could actually find them, and placing them right by my desk so that when I turn my head slightly to the left, I am reminded of all the books I really really want to read.

This, of course, is in direct contravention of my librarian code of conduct.

In order to save myself from the ire of my profession I thought I would add these books to my GoodReads to-read list. Now I have already written about the nice app GoodReads has created, but I neglected to mention that you can scan books into your library with your iPad!

Super easy! Here is how my scanned to-reads list looks now:

Now to find a nice, free barcode scanning app for inventory time!

Langwitches Lady Talks about iPad as a Transformative Learning tool

Speaking at Learning@School 12, 21st Century learning specialist Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano asks the question: is the iPad a tool to transform learning, or a tool that will replace what we have been doing up till now with laptops? Silvia describes some of the potential and the benefits she sees for ipads in learning and teaching, including mobility, cost and the evergrowing range of apps.[from Langwitches blog]

Watch this five minute video and ask yourself the question!

Silvia focuses on the mobility of the iPad,and how it is a powerful tool for helping with differentiated learners.

Lisa Johnson does it again! Snapguide to Testmoz

I love my updates. This morning I get to work and this juicy tidbit is waiting in my inbox:

So, of course I click on it. And Ms. Johnson has found a quick guide-making app for the iphone/ipad.

Here she gives a quick guide tp TestMoz,a free, online test generator.

I won’t do a how-to, because Ms. Johnson has done a fabulous job with her snapguide:

This is a view of the snap guide app on my iPad

Although testmoz has no app, judging by Lisa’s screenshots, you can access it via Safari and create your quiz on the iPad as well.


Home share so easy I am embarrassed. Part II

It is a universal truth that if you do not sufficiently research an idea before prematurely spouting your mouth off on how difficult it is, you will be need to eat humble pie in the future (sorry Jane Austen for the usurpation and subsequent mangling of your wonderful beginning sentence).

So. This weekend I did look into home sharing with my daughter’s iPad, but got stuck on where to find the homesharing log in on my iPad.

Of course, as soon as I came back to work and gave it a minute, I found it:

Just go to settings–> Music–> and type in the apple ID you will use to home share between devices. So, just to clarify, though my daughter is signed in to her apple ID on the app store and iTunes, the home sharing apple ID is mine. It must be the same ID between all devices.

So I home shared my computer, my daughter’s computer. However, the syncing over wi fi was not turned on so I had to sync my daughter’s computer at least once to mine:

I am only syncing the apps ( I really do not need to hear anymore Taylor Swift nor see anymore funny photo booth shots of her and her friends).

I made sure the homesharing was turned on on my desktop and changed the general options on my daughter’s iPad so that we can now sync via wifi:

Now I have successfully polluted my daughter’s iPad with educational apps! The one thing I would do differently is to select the apps I want to share with her. Now she will have to do a lot of deleting…