Lessons Learned: Always Read the Fine Print

Which sounds more ominous than it actually is. Although this mistake can have more disastrous consequences than what I experienced today (Like giving Facebook the permission to own all your information. Just sayin’) it did waste a lot of time. And, as I am sure is the case with you, that is the one thing I do not have to waste.

This story begins with reading this article about how the app Paperdesk is the bomb for education.

Really? I thought to myself. How interesting. I should check it out. At the bottom of the article, was a link to a site entitled freemyapps, which would allow me to try out paper desk for free.

Excellent! I quickly went to the site, downloaded the app and tapped on the paper desk icon.

Oh! First glitch. I needed 640 credits to download the app. How does one get credits, you ask? Why, by downloading the sponsor apps, which all have a certain number of points attached to them. In order to redeem the points, all you have to do is download the app and keep it open for thirty seconds. Okay, I thought to myself. That is worth not paying $3.99.

In all I had to download 6 apps: Mobil, Klip, Stitcher, itriage, Hotel Tonight, Pirates (getting desperate)

Some were terrible:

Ugh. So did not need to know this. Ultra-conservative propagandist tabloid crap anyone?


Mobil and Klip seemed to be for young ladies who want to make inappropriate social media choices:



Some were good, like Stitcher, which is like an RSS feed for all of the radio stations and podcasts you listen to:


And triage was downright hypochondriac-making:

The Pirates of the Caribbean game was stupid and I didn’t understand the purpose at all.

Finally, I got my credits, and hurried to the gifts tab to download the app I really wanted. Tapped the little install button, it took me to the app store and I am just about to redeem my coupon when a little pop up message appears telling me this deal is only available to people in the U.S.

This is the Mutant enemy logo, the Joss Whedon?  Buffy people, just in case you don't know. It also represents how I feel most of the time.

Sigh. After I threw myself on the floor, beating my hands and fists, I went back to the app store and download the lite version of the app.

And yes, I can see how it would be useful. Each class could have a folder, and each notebook could represent the notes for a specific lecture:

You can add audio and images to your notes as well as customize it, and use a stylus.

You can also send it to  yourself via email, dropbox, googles docs,etc.:

You can also add tasks to your folders:

According to the app store, the difference between the lite version and the full version, is that in the lite version your notebooks can only contain 3 pages. Still- pretty useful!



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