Interesting Article in the Gazette about the iPad and the Newspaper industry

Although this might seem a little off topic for an iPad and Education blog, it really isn’t. Really. As the librarian, the one who curates our collection of information, I am constantly faced with the question of what print sources  I should sacrifice to the internet gods? What gets used and what could I get rid of and rely solely on the free information online?

To be honest, the print subscriptions go out very rarely. Oh, a teacher comes in once in a while to ask for a few newspapers for a class project, mainly to fill a curriculum need or their own desperate sense that young’uns these days do not know the pleasure of literally having to wipe the news off their blackened fingertips, or the frustrating joy of trying to fold the cheap newsprint into its original form.But mostly, I get asked to save the paper for papier mâché projects, or to stuff in moving boxes.

So. Should I get rid of them? I still hesitate. I would need to know if there is an educational license for the digital subscriptions. If so, how many devices would be allowed to access the subscription? And does the digital version simply replicate the print (like the New Yorker, which is a pdf of the magazine on the iPad) or do they take advantage of the medium and add links, video, dynamic images?

Read the whole article here and let the discussion begin!

Oh, and I guess I have some homework to do…



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