rAPPido Review: Paperdesk

Complain and you shall receive…Promo codes! Apparently the folks at Paperdesk  must have an alert whenever their product is mentioned, because I received a comment in response to my post about not reading the fine print from their support desk apologizing for their fine print etiquette and offering me a couple of promo codes for the school!

Woohoo! Free stuff! My frugal heart is all a flutter.

So I am giving it a whirl as I speak.

In order to populate my folders and my notes, I thought I would copy and paste some of my notes from Pages to paper desk, so that I can group them in folders.

Oh. Just figured out that I can make folders with Pages the same way you can make folders with your apps… So what else does paperdesk have to offer?

Okay. I just tried copying and pasting my pages document into paper desk. The document I pasted was several pages. When I tried to copy the whole thing, paper desk would not automatically paste on to other pages.  Meaning that as soon as the first page was filled up, I lost my content. So I pasted bits and pieces onto several pages, which seems like a waste of time, and even then it was difficult to tell how much was too much for the notebook…

Hmm. First glitch.

When you open up Paperdesk it asks if you want to autosync your notebooks with dropbox:

Paperdesk converts your notebooks into PDFs and puts them in your dropbox automatically. The only issue that I can see is that the PDF format does not allow editing which sorts of puts the kibosh on collaborating doesn’t it?

Second Glitch.

I uploaded my document to my dropbox and lo and behold, it was in a folder called apps–> paper desk. Excellent! That worked fine.

What happens when you edit the same document on your iPad? Does it replace the dropbox copy?

I went back and modified my document, and then tried again. The dropbox copy does indeed replace the new version with the old version, but, and this is a BIG GLITCH, it only uploads the first page of the notebook.

This is a problem. Third glitch.

I just tried to upload the second page of notes and still it only turns the first page into a PDF.

Correct me if I am wrong, but if you are taking notes in a class, chances are you are going to  have more to say than an iPad size page. And to ask people to upload one notebook several times seems ludicrous.

I tried uploading it to google docs (which does not work well on the iPad anyway, and it does the same thing: PDF. One page.

However, you can get all four pages when you email the notebook to yourself.

So why use paper desk instead of other note taking apps?

Hmmm. It does allow you to add voice recording:

What is the use of having a notebook app on the iPad win the uploading function is dysfunctional and there is no possibility of collaboration (i.e., several people being able to work on the same document) is non-existent. It is true that compared to Pages you add audio and sync to dropbox, which would be a nice function if it worked properly. All the other stuff that does work is, in my opinion, bells and whistles. If I wanted to record over my notes, I would want my noted and the recording to be one package not separately uploaded. If I wanted PDFs of my notes, I can just use Pages. It also allows you to import pdfs from different apps, but they remain pdfs so you cannot edit them. Unless you are just trying to gather all you information on one area, this is not so helpful.


It has a nice, simple interface. Most of its functions are intuitive. If paper desk fixed the glitches mentioned above it could be a nice solution for students. Otherwise I don’t see the point.


































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































One thought on “rAPPido Review: Paperdesk

  1. Hey, FYI, we had to remove the auto text overflow due to a major data loss bug. We’re working on reincorporating it.

    Also, Under the Dropbox menu, you can choose to “Link to Dropbox,” “Upload your notes as PDF files to Dropbox automatically,” and/or “Backup your notes to Dropbox automatically.” These are 3 different options. You have to link to Dropbox before you can upload/backup. You will only see PDFs of your notes on Dropbox if you push the slider for the “Upload your notes as PDF files to Dropbox automatically” to “On.” You will only see previous versions of your notes on Dropbox if you tap the “weekly” or “daily” backup buttons at the bottom.

    The Dropbox uploading one page problem seems to be on their end, but we’re still looking into a work-around.

    Just wanted to clarify all that.


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