iPad Magic in the Library this morning

A Grade 11 student studied magic for her integrative project and just this morning gave a show to her class. In order to better display her handiwork she propped up an iPad on a piece of equipment from the science lab and used the camera setting.

Here is how it looked like (excuse the terrible photos- I didn’t want to get too close and make the Magic Monster nervous):

Here is how she set up the iPad (hooked up to a projector of course):

We were able to see what she was doing with her hand and what cards her volunteers chose.

This is what I love about the iPad. Yes, there are many different apps and fancy things you can do with it, but when you get right down to it, it allows everyone to have a camera, video, word processing ability, and different display and presentation possibilities all in one small tablet. Instead of needing several different devices, the students are equipped with it all rolled into one.

For all the learning curve issues and minor glitches, it makes my life way easier more often than not and that is saying something.



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