Ebooks and Audiobooks at the BAnQ!

I checked the BAnQ‘s site a while ago for their collection of Ebooks and wasn’t that impressed. But that was before they had Overdrive and Numilog Jeunesse!

Overdrive is a database of ebooks and audiobooks. You check them out just as you would a book. The borrowing time is the same as a physical copy- when the three weeks are over- it disappears from your computer. Oh- it also works like a physical copy in that only one person can borrow it at a time.

Et pour nos petites étudiantes qui disent qu’elles n’ont jamais rien à lire à la bibliothèque en français, il y’a maintenant une base de donnée de livres numériques et livres audio en français exclusivement pour les jeunes, Numilog-Livres Jeunesse:

Et si nos petites choux sont un peu plus avancés dans leur lecture, il y’a aussi une base de données de livres en français adultes:

They also have a whole list of other ebooks available- check out their list:

REMEMBER: all usage of these wonderful resources must be individual. According to the license, you can encourage your students to use this service, but you can’t use it in your class.

Having said that, I am pretty stoked about this- I might even be able to finally cancel my audible account and get books for free!

Gotta go now- gonna download me some Game of thrones!

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