Don’t despair! Home share! Part 1

Last week, my daughter stumbled while she was walking to her next class. She was carrying a leaning tower of textbooks, pencil case, water bottle and yes, her laptop. It was just a little stumble, one where she was able to right herself before falling on to her face. Her leaning tower however was not so lucky.

Everything in her arms went flying including, yes, her laptop. Her screen smashed spectacularly. Although it looked lovely, a digital version of stained glass with its cracks and shadows, it was useless. It would have cost me several hundred dollars to repair it, at least two thirds of the price of a new iPad.

Her new iPad 3, 64g, came yesterday.

But of course, this begs some questions. How should I set it up? Should I set it up with my account, seen as I have purchased many, many apps (as witnessed by this blog) and could add them to another device no problem?

Or should we set her up with her own iTunes account (which she has had for quite a while) and either repurchase the apps I have already bought or switch users every time she wants to use one of mine? (I think I might hate this option). What I really want is a way to share my apps with her apple ID.

Apple doesn’t like sharing. They are the kindergarten bullies, the domineering A type personalities in the playground.

So I do what I always do when I am in doubt: I google it.

Nothing too useful so far, but I did see this feature on using iTunes allowance with your kids. I don’t want to give her a monthly amount though, so that doesn’t work.

Oh and this article about how to manage your kids’ iPads. But oh wait, they are talking about six year olds…

Or this one from macworld..Oh wait. Once again it is for children who don’t know what money is…

But wait! I just found this on the chat forum about home sharing! It turns out that if I follow these arcane instructions, and involve my whole family and make sure we all have the same apple ID, my daughter might be able to have access to my apps!

Guess what I am doing this weekend?

To be continued…

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