Home share so easy I am embarrassed. Part II

It is a universal truth that if you do not sufficiently research an idea before prematurely spouting your mouth off on how difficult it is, you will be need to eat humble pie in the future (sorry Jane Austen for the usurpation and subsequent mangling of your wonderful beginning sentence).

So. This weekend I did look into home sharing with my daughter’s iPad, but got stuck on where to find the homesharing log in on my iPad.

Of course, as soon as I came back to work and gave it a minute, I found it:

Just go to settings–> Music–> and type in the apple ID you will use to home share between devices. So, just to clarify, though my daughter is signed in to her apple ID on the app store and iTunes, the home sharing apple ID is mine. It must be the same ID between all devices.

So I home shared my computer, my daughter’s computer. However, the syncing over wi fi was not turned on so I had to sync my daughter’s computer at least once to mine:

I am only syncing the apps ( I really do not need to hear anymore Taylor Swift nor see anymore funny photo booth shots of her and her friends).

I made sure the homesharing was turned on on my desktop and changed the general options on my daughter’s iPad so that we can now sync via wifi:

Now I have successfully polluted my daughter’s iPad with educational apps! The one thing I would do differently is to select the apps I want to share with her. Now she will have to do a lot of deleting…


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