Tech Guru Decrees Office2HD is the Bomb

And I agree. But only after I flailed around trying to get to the holy grail of being able to edit my documents from Dropbox and Google docs.Because this is what makes Office great: the sharing possibilities!

And yes, you can make your word documents, excel sheets and power points directly from your iPad with Office Squared (the two is supposed to be superscript but I can’t figure out how to do it..) but I will deal with that in subsequent posts.

Today, all I wanted to do is see if it actually worked- if I could actually edit something from my google docs and dropbox.

And, yes, yes you can. But first you have to add “the service”. To do this you tap the  “back” button:

Then tap “edit”:

Then tap “add service”:

And voilà! Once you allow access via your email and password you get a list of all your files!

Here are the files from my dropbox:

Here is a spreadsheet from my google docs:

Next post…other office squared stuff!

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