Office Squared: Word up!

Having trouble getting used to Pages? Want your Word back?

Well, you’re in luck.

When you create a new document here are your options:

Let us choose document, as I want to write the words, yo.

As opposed to Pages, where you have to close your document, then name it, Word asks you to name your document from the get go (which I love, as I always forget to name my Pages document and now have several docs entitled “blank”):

You can also turn on the spell check function which is, way less obnoxious than the auto-correct on Pages. Back to the little red lines, a friendly notice that your typing skills sucks.

Word count is also a nice feature, as is the find option! I love the find option! But that might just be the librarian in me…

When I highlighted my misspelled word, I found out that though they don’t offer any suggestions for correct spelling, highlighting text gives you the option to add footnotes and endnotes:

As for the printer, when I clicked on it, it wasn’t able to connect to any of our printers, which I think might be a fixable problem, one to ask Ms. Tech Guru… The other option for View is screen lay out, which just makes everything bigger, as far as I can see…

Inserting a photo is as easy as it is in Pages:

A neat option is the text box which you can find in the “shapes” tab:

Though I just tried it and it is a little awkward to manipulate…

You have the basic style options:

If you want to email the document to yourself, you have less options than Pages- you can email it as a word document (which makes sense since it is a word document). You also have to save and close your work and then tap the little blue arrow beside the name to email it:

One last important note: every time I took a screen shot of Office it shut off and I lost my work. I think it might be a little bug in the system right now, but I will stress that SAVING YOUR WORK  frequently is a good idea. Office unlike Pages, does not do it automatically.


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