Review: How to Configure Your Email on the iPad

So, last week a very tech savvy individual who shall remain nameless, who uses her iPad in many interesting ways, was showing me a new app she was very excited about. She told me I could play around with it so that I could write about it on this blog (that will come later). I played around with it, took a few screenshots, then went to email the photos to myself.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that savvy tech lady has NEVER CONFIGURED HER EMAIL ON THE IPAD!

I was shocked. Dismayed. Puzzled. Befuddled. Flabbergasted.

I could go on. Thesaurus is my middle name after all.

She was puzzled at my puzzlement. I don’t check my email on my iPad, she said. So why should I configure it.

Well to start off with, so you can EMAIL YOURSELF THINGS!

I use email often to transfer screenshots from my iPad to my desktop, to email meeting notes to the various participants, to email the results of my clicker quizzes. Well, you get the picture. Email on the iPad is handy.

I also discovered that I never actually wrote about configuring your email. SO.

Here is how you do it:

In settings, go to mail, contacts, calendars:

Go to add account and tap the service you use (for the school email, that would be gmail).:

Fill in the information:

You can also have several accounts coming to the one, though this has never works very well for me…

Once you have entered your data, you can customize your settings. Don’t forget, if you want to be able to delete your emails on the iPad, you have to go into your account and turn archiving off:

And voilà! email on your iPad, yo.





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