iPad Implementation: An Outsider’s View of a 1:1 iPad program

Ms. Brown English Teacher just sent me this article from one of my fave iPad resources, techchef4u by Lisa Johnson:


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HIghlights are the list of student responsibilities and parent responsibilities as well as a list of questions Lisa had before entering the school which she outlines with the answers. Question #4 is intriguing:

Does the device present a distraction? From multiple student interviews, I found the device is a wonderful way to self-manage. Students are aware that they have to complete the assignment regardless and most would rather complete it in class then complete it at home. If students are off-task on the device, teachers have the authority to pick it up and have it returned to the student or parent at the end of the day.

Of course, their iPad program started with high school seniors. What do you think of the authority to take it away and give it back at the end of the day?

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