Article on the State of iPads in Education

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Here is another quote:

5. The True Elephant in the Room

Teacher Training. Sad, but true. Most teachers did not grow up with this stuff, and were not trained in its use while going through their teacher training…

Dawson makes some interesting points, one that I think we have surmised already (like where is a sensible ebook borrowing model from the publishers?). But I think it is good to be reminded that teacher training is still the biggest problem.

The challenge is to train the teachers to use it in a way the enhances their life and not cause more technical difficulties. Use of the iPad as a whiteboard for example. It is simple, enhances the teacher’s experience because they can save their classes as well as record the lecture over them. It enhances the students life by having these files be made available to them after the class so they can go through it again at their leisure.

There are many more examples like this of how teachers in our own school are using the tool effectively. It is good to be reminded that using the iPad doesn’t necessarily mean having to purchase a lot of bells and whistles (oops, sorry, I meant apps.)

I also like how Dawson points out the colossal lack of imagination on the part of the big textbook publishers when it comes to e-text books.

What do you think?

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