How to Organize your Data on the iPad: Photos

Because organization is my middle name, yo.

Let us start with Photos. Did you know you can create albums with your camera roll (the app with the pretty sunflower on it)?

1. Tap Edit.

2. Select the photos you want to gather in an album by tapping the image:


3. Tap on “add to…” and select new album (or previously created album of which I have none):


4. Name your album (white album has already been taken)


5. And if you decide that your album is full of bad photos and should be all deleted now like me, just tap on edit, tap the photos you would like to remove and then tap on the big red REMOVE FROM ALBUM BUTTON:


And voilà the making and unmaking of a photo album on your iPad.

Remember- you can also sync selected photos from your iPhoto on your laptop or desktop to your iPad, either with a wire or through the cloud.

Here is what you have to check when syncing from your desktop:

Here is the settings you must select before doing it over the iCloud:

Just be careful- syncing via the iCloud eats up bandwidth like the Giant ate villages (what giant? I don’t know! How many giants who ate villages were there?)

You can also share them via dropbox:

I look cray cray…I think this one will be removed from album.

or email them to yourself. When you save the photo, it goes directly into your camera roll and then you can sort them into albums.

Tomorrow: folders on your home screen and in Pages!

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