How to Organize your Data on the iPad: Pages

Ahhh, pages. It takes some getting used to, especially if you are a longtime Word user. As in the software not actual words.



Somethings you need to know before we start:

1.Pages saves your document automatically, so don’t go on a wild goose chase for the save button. You won’t find it.

2. To name your document, you have to first create it:


3. Then go back to documents:



4. Then click on the title:


5. Then name it:

I am not sure why they don’t make this easier, but there you have it. You can’t name your document until you have actually created it.

I recommend always naming the documents and I say this by experience. I had months of notes from meetings with the title Blank 1, blank 2, blank 3, blank…well you get the picture.

Okay. Now for the good stuff. How to put your documents in folders. Super important to know so that you can teacher your little grade seven grasshoppers how to organise their notes.

1. You take your finger (doesn’t matter which one)

and press the doc you want to move until it starts a jiggl’n:

Alas, you can’t see the jigglin’

Then, as if you were executing an unsure chess move,

drag the doc on top of the other doc

and feel that file folder groove:

The folder magically hugs

your documents in a nice rectangular rug:


Then give it a name and avoid the generic folder name shame:


Next up: Organise your apps! Because nothing is too small to organize. Nothing.




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