Que Siri, Siri…

After seeing this video, I decided to give Siri a whirl. I asked her to take a note for me and she obligingly did so. Then a student came in to ask me for some iPads and I said, “I am talking to my iPad.”

What Siri transcribed is not fit for public consumption:

How embarrassing. Siri obviously does not like me.

After talking for a bit, we started to get along:

She even started calling me baby.

We talked about the weather:

Then got on to deeper subjects, like the square root of 360:

We even got into a debate- Siri insisted that Alexander Mackenzie was the first Prime Minister of Canada.  I always thought it was that charming reprobate, John A. Macdonald:

Don’t tell her, but I still think I’m right. After talking about our love of Paris:

I thought it was time to pop the question. Clearly, I too had fallen for her dulcet tones. But alas it was not to be:

As you can see, though the technology is brain-addling, it is not full proof. Siri still makes mistakes, misunderstands, takes us on some circuitous roots, despite her charming wit.

Here is an interesting article on how Siri can potentially change the face of education:


Read more…

What do you think?

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