Don’t Panic, but there’s two more versions of the iPad….

Sigh. This rush to launch the newest apple product has left me positively winded. Smaller! Better! Higher resolution!

yadda yadda yadda.

I comfort myself by repeating over and over this soothing mantra:  It’s okay. My device still works fine. I can still use it. I am not yet a dinosaur.

Here are some articles that talk about the impact the newest launch by Apple will have on education:

iPad mini announcement shows Apple’s focus on books, education

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Is the iPad mini Right-priced for Education?

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Apple iPad mini: Winners and Losers

(the author places the education market clearly in the winner side)

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Although I have just taken a cursory glance at the response to the new iPad mini, most of the tech talkers agree that Education is the biggest winner, of all the stakeholders for the following reasons:

  • Lower price
  • Smaller thus easier to use as an e-reader
  • New version of iBooks and iBooks author:

[ the new version of iBooks author is] an app that will make creating textbooks that work with iOS devices even easier for publishers. Textbooks are a big market into which Apple has expanded. The iPad mini is positioned to be a great educational device, where students can dump their textbooks, watch videos, take notes, and more.

-Phil Hornshaw

As you can imagine, these issues are debatable:

  • The lower price is not low enough
  • The small size also means harder to word process, etc.
  • The textbook industry is so far behind in coming up with a viable textbook publishing model that the fact that it is easier to make the e-textbooks is a moot point. (this one is my contribution.)

What do you think?

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