Be Professional: Turn off you Facebook Notification

A teacher was using her iPad as a whiteboard in her class when suddenly a facebook notification appeared on her screen. I am not sure if it was an embarrassing notification – I didn’t ask- but we can all imagine how it has the potential to be. Not to mention the fact that having a facebook notification appear in the middle of demonstrating the plus que parfait doesn’t seem very professional.

First of all. When an app asks you if it can send you notifications, think before allowing. Do you want this showing up at inopportune moments? (I mistakenly allowed CBC news to send me notifications. As soon as a story broke, whether it be during an exam, or four o’clock in the morning, my bloody iPad would start to sound the alarm.  All because Conrad Black made another stupid comment or Harper decided we didn’t need science centers. Which is terrible. We do need science centers. But I could have waited until after my first cup of coffee to receive that little conservative missile).

Second of all, if you happen to be a little tap happy that day, and allowed it before actually looking at what you were allowing, fixing it is easy.

Go to your settings. Right above the General setting, you will find notifications:


See if the app is in your notification centre:

If it is, tap the app you do not want to receive notifications for and swipe it off:


Easy Peasy!


2 thoughts on “Be Professional: Turn off you Facebook Notification

  1. THANK YOU!!!!! Slightly embarrassing when YMR is on random and seems to constantly be telling you to check your breasts… (Your Man Reminder – app that reminds you to check your breasts for signs of cancer by having the hunky man of your choice remind you).

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