Augmented Reality in PE

via Mr. Robbo

Here is an interesting use of augmented reality in a PE:

If I am understanding correctly, the aura functions a little bit like a QR code that brings you to a website or a video of the image.

Ideas of how Aurasma could be used in PE:

  1. Take a picture of a product, eg. Kraft Peanut Butter and link it to a video of the

    Price: free

    student evaluating the nutritional value of that product.

  2. Take a photo of an exercise infographic and have it link to a video showing the right form.

Okay. I’m tapped out. I don’t actually know what happens in PE therefore my bucket of ideas as to how to use this app is very very small. Phys Ed teachers- want to help me out?

However, I have already talked about the potential of Augmented Reality in this post and I do have some evil schemes for Aurasma as I plot an English project on Persepolis. [insert evil laughter here]

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