Tips for Managing an iPad Classroom

Via Reflections of a Passionate Educator

I just came across this excellent article that addresses a lot of the issues teachers face with the advent of the iPad in the classroom. Distracted students (though, I will argue, this is not new), technology that will not cooperate, etc., etc.


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Some of her suggestions might be a little controversial (#4- explore gaming), others we have talked about. I am especially fond of #9:

9- Teach responsibility: ultimately, we need to teach students to be responsible for their own learning. Mobile devices empower the students with a lot of tools that can be useful for learning, but at the end of the day, they have to make the choice of learning or not. I constantly remind my students that ‘I’m responsible for my own teaching, you are responsible for your own learning’. Talk to them about making choices and the consequences of these choices. If they allow themselves to get distracted, ask them to give suggestions for helping them stay on-task, so they feel they have more responsibility over the situation.

I also like how she mentions circulating in the class as well as the need for teachers to “let go control” though this might also be controversial. Not being in a classroom setting, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


3 thoughts on “Tips for Managing an iPad Classroom

      • You’re welcome! I am very glad that it sparked this conversation. Yes I know gaming and letting go of control are controversial, they are with the staff at my school too. #9 is also one of my favorites! Very nice to see it’s sparking dialogue and debate 🙂

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