Awesome infographic: Can I use this image on my website?

Via Digital Inspiration

Okay, so this is not specifically about the iPad but we all do it: we need a visual for a story or a presentation. We type in the subject in google images and take which ever one strikes our fancy. We don’t care where it comes from. We don’t link to the original source or make an effort to give credit to the photographer. We just need it, yo.

Except that is not so cool. Just like when you copy and paste text and don’t cite the source, it is stealing. So here is a smart, funny flow chart to guide you through the decision:

By Pia Bijkerk, Erin Loechner and Yvette van Boven.

See original post

See how I cited my image? I learn, I learn oh how I learn.

For databases of images in the public domain, check out my pathfinder.

Thank you lovely people at Digital Inspiration- I am going to send this to all my studient who work on the online magazine. I am sure we have a few (cough, cough) copyright violations when it comes to images…

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