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Lisa Johnson does it again and writes about an issue that has been concerning me for a while now.  It is like the woman is talking directly to us, don’t you think?


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If you click on the link “Digital learning Parent Seminar series” there are a whole bunch of tips and tricks and resources on how parents can help teach Digital Citizenship. She also has a handy poster made in Comic life:

This is just a screenshot- you can download the original from the original post.

I cover many of these solutions with the children, but haven’t had a chance to talk to the parents yet.

Here are the five tips they give:

5 iPad tips for Parents: One of the resources created for this series was 5 iPad Tips for parents created by our very own Tim Yenca (aka @mryenca). The resource thoroughly covers:

  1. Vigilance: suggests homework be completed in a common area and iPad stored and charged in a common area (say goodnight to your iPad)
  2. Accountability: shares how to manage the multi-tasking bar (great video example)
  3. Notifications: discusses how to turn off notifications to manage distractions (Do Not Disturb info)
  4. Guided Access: restricts students to one app (more info here)
  5. Restrictions: restrict access to age-appropriate content and apps (NB has great info on their student device restrictions’ settings).

Numbers 4 and 5 make me a tad nervous however, though I understand kids are all very different and need different boundaries. But the idea of restricting the iPad to one app seems extreme to me. As for restrictions, I am not sure how much that is needed in a high school setting as opposed to an elementary school.  My feeling is that we want to teach mindful use to technology, which includes knowing when to turn it off as well as accepting personal responsibility for their own behaviour (hmmm. a lot like like teaching them how to be a citizen, let alone a digital citizen).

I like how they added turning off notifications and managing distractions. And I had never really looked at the “Do Not Disturb” setting, which I like because that means the student can help themselves in their quest against distraction.

I also like how they begin with vigilance. I maintain that Digital Citizenship requires the proverbial village to teach- a joint effort between teachers, parents and peers.


1 thought on “iPad Tips 4 Parents

  1. Thanks so much for your kind words. This issue has definitely been on our minds. I would like to give credit to Tim Yenca as he was the original author of the 5 tips for parents, I merely dressed it up with Comic Life. You are correct – the series was initially created for secondary students but I think a few would also apply to elementary. Would be curious to hear additional tips…

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