Meandering through some Best Apps lists to get to iHomework

This morning I woke up and remembered my promise to research student agenda apps. After responding to the morning emails, watering my lovely Christmas tree and retrieving the essential cup of coffee (which seems to be going down faster than it is waking me up) I sat down and typed ipad app student agenda into my search engine.

And then promptly got distracted by all the best apps list.

I clicked on the first link from Gizmodo. It was a list  written in 2010 and had absolutely no student agenda in it at all, but what it did have was an awesome news section. I sat, sipping my coffee, wondering why I have never downloaded the BBC news app or NPR app or even the NYT Editor’s choice. Why? Oh why has it taken me so long? It is because I have a serious CBC addiction, that is why. New Year’s resolution: switch up my news sources.

But then I focused and realized the Gizmodo list was not only old, but had no student agendas on it. (As a librarian, I should n=know it was a faulty search, but I was having fun darn it.)

Mint.comPrice: free
Price: free

Next link was a more recent list by PC Mag, written last month.I perused this list for a while, but their format is unwieldy, making you click and then wait for the next app to load. Alsom they do not shy away from the really expensive apps. Still, a few things stood out- especially this one app,  which I noticed in this article entitled Back to School: 15 Essential iOS  for Students (written back in the summer of 2011).

It made me wonder what we are doing to teach financial literacy to our students. Do we teach budgeting anymore? I have a vague memory of a home economics class where I had to keep a budget.  I am going to download this app and give it a whirl…

Darn. Got distracted again.

The above article also mentioned istudiezpro, which I have already reviewed (at least the lite version). But it also mentions ihomework. Now I am confused as to why a student would need both? Do they not do the same thing? Let us compare…

Here is what the article says about the two apps:



8. iStudiez Pro

Cost: $2.99

Supported devices: iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Why you need it: Organize even the most complicated course schedule with iStudiez. Visualize your classes, activities and assignments on this well designed color-coded calendar. Like many of the other organization apps, you can set reminders for major events and track your grades and GPA.


7. iHomework

Cost: $1.99

Supported devices: iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

ihomeworkPrice: $1.99

Price: $1.99

Why you need it: Before you invest in a leather-bound planner, vowing to religiously log all your to-dos, consider iHomework instead. The app will keep your schedule and workflow streamlined, alerting you with all your deadlines and assignments. If a friend sleeps though class (the app alerts you for class so you’ll never be the one sleeping late) you can share missed assignments though email. Log your grades so you know what your report card will look like in advance.

Now let us revisit our citeria:

  • Easy to use
  • Clean, intuitive interface
  • easy to import schedules
  • It would be great if it could talk to our intranet, but that might be too much to ask.
  • Easy to input assignments
  • Different colours for different classes
  • Alerts for assignments
  • If not free, then cheap
  • Easily synced with your other devices

As ihomework does not have a lite version, I cannot test it out. But judging from the screenshots, the interface looks simple and easy to use:


It bills itself as “[the] only school organizer available for iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, and Mac. Add your work on the go and sync it with your laptop when you get the time.”Which is obviously not true. But it is syncable with your other devices.

Otherwise, I can’t see much difference between this one and istudiezpro, except that it is a dollar cheaper.

I think we might need a student focus group to solve this dilemma for us. Which is better: ihomework or istudiezpro?




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