First Attempt at Creating my Own Infographic!

Yesterday I posted an article naming 33 things the 21st century teacher needs to know. One of the 33 things was how to create infographics.

As soon as I posted the article, Ms. History teacher emailed me saying she was thinking of getting her students to make infographics for their projects. Of course it behooved me to find out more…

Alas, I was not able to find an info graphic creating app on the iPad (though it would be possible to manipulate apps like Popplet to create one. It wouldn’t look as fancy though). The closest I came was Photostats, an app that creates a graphic of how you use the camera function on your iphone. Not exactly what I need.If you find one let me know!

I checked out this article that listed eight free tools for teachers to make awesome info graphics. I chose the first tool,

Things I learned:

1. Register before you start your info graphic or you won’t be able to save your work.

2. It is still a little fiddly- sometimes it is hard to move the objects around, but it is still in beta so I forgive it.

3. You can embed it, as I did below, or download it which I did because I am going to send it to everyone!!!!

4.There are a lot of themes you can use depending on what you are doing. You can choose a map graphic to show certain statistics around the world, charts, timelines, you name it.

5. It is relatively easy to use and free!

Here is my first infographic:


2 thoughts on “First Attempt at Creating my Own Infographic!

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  2. Nice infographic! I just created my first infographic too on and couldn’t save – panic! After I read your article I realised I just needed to register *duh*, so thank you for ‘enlightening’ me. It seems like a great tool though, and free too 😉

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