More on Managing Distraction in the Classroom

Via techchef4u

Ms. Johnson gives us some interesting feedback from a student panel but also this particular gem of a tip:

“While some students choose to self regulate their distractions, we thought it prudent to still outline off-task behavior and notify students of the consequences. An easy first step in a 1:1 is to have students take a screenshot of their off-task behavior and email it to their parents and or an administrator. If this communication does not resolve the issue, taking away the iPad for the remainder of the class period (and having students complete their assignment in a traditional manner) is also an option.” Techchef4u

Motivational_Poster-App-1024x768Oooh- I think I need to make an infographic for Classroom Distraction! All flowcharts, all the time!!!!

Actually, wouldn’t it be a great activity to get the kids to make their own?

Hmmm…Blogging out loud here…



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