15 iPad Skills Every Student Should Have

Via educatorstechnology.com

This article was originally sent to me about a month ago, but as I had just reblogged the same websites list of skills teachers should have, I thought I would wait to post it:

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.01.59 AM

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This will be useful in coming up with introduction sessions for the incoming Grade sevens next year. As we learned this year, we cannot assume the students know how to do basic things like take notes, or print from their iPad. An orientation for their iPad will be necessary.

I would also include these following skills:

  • Learn how to turn the darn thing off and why this is important.
  • iPad social etiquette
  • How to set up their mail account as well as share their files, from dropbox, to google docs to youtube.

What would you include?

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