Lesson Plan: Embedding Visuals Into Teaching and Learning

Via Langwitches

As the teacher advisor for the school’s online magazine, I encounter certain perennial issues (and yes, quality of the writing is one of them and no that is not what I am going to talk about right now). My writer’s send me a large block of text and think they are done.  They don’t take advantage of the advantages of an online form: they don’t hyperlink text that could be linked to more information. And they hardly ever add visuals. I was talking to the teacher in charge of the grade eleven integrative project and she was telling me the same thing about the students who chose to start blogs- they think they are done once they plug in their text.

It just occurred to me that this problem might stem from the fact that they view articles as static pieces, as assignments to give to their teachers.

So when I read this article from Ed Tech Guru Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano it struck a chord:

Screen shot 2013-02-22 at 8.09.32 AM


This is not the first time I hear about Haiku Deck– am most definitely going to give it a try!


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