March Break Reading: iPads in the Classroom by Annalisa Kelly

Via Lisa Johnson’s page

Forget that new thriller, or the steamy new fifty shades book. Whether you or lying on a beach or cuddling up by a nice fire in a chalet or simply camping out on your couch this March Break, why not cozy up with the ibook, iPads in the Classroom by Annalisa Kelly?

“This publication is an essential beginner’s reference for teachers at all levels of primary and secondary schooling, inclusive of special needs, regular stream and gifted students, who are intending to use, or are currently using, iPads and other iOS devices (iPods, etc) to augment their lessons. ” iTunes description

photoThe beginning chapters focus more on the whys and whats of iPads in the classroom, citing studies about student and iPad. However, there are a few interesting tidbits that I want to look into, such as the volume purchase program and this neat feature of ibooks which I had no idea about:



Check it out!

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