The Impending Demise of Google Reader

So, I got back from vacation and was confronted with the news from Google that they are going to kill their google reader.

anxious-nervous-woman-wringing-handkerchief-in-her-hands1.Pause for the horror to sink in.

2.Commence the hair pulling, hand-wringing and cursing those fickle google gods.

3.Get over myself and look for alternatives.

This is a big deal for me. For many years I have used google reader an RSS  feed to keep all the websites and blogs I follow in one place. I have them neatly divided into folders- one for iPad stuff, one for YA Book stuff, etc. When I need a subject for this blog I go to my ipad collection. If I am wanting to do some collection development, I will go to my YA folder.

Ok. I am making myself want to go back to #2 right now.

Luckily I found this article via The Verge about Google Reader alternatives. I totally relate to the author:

When I heard Google was planning to kill Google Reader as part of a “spring cleaning exercise,” I was appalled. Google had decided to disband the team of paperboys that delivered me the news every morning. While RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is years past its heyday, it had become a wonderful and efficient way to read news untarnished by the social networking age. It was my firehose of headlines, straight from the source.

And Google Reader is a lot more than an RSS client. It syncs news feeds between different apps, and makes sure you can always pick up right where you left off. It’s also simple and free, which means it drove most competitors out of the market long ago. Once Reader dies July 1st, we’ll be left with apps that don’t rely on its backend to sync your feeds — which isn’t very many apps. Various denizens of the internet and companies like Digg have volunteered to create new backends of their own, but for now, picking an RSS client you can trust means you’ll need one that doesn’t rely on Google Reader.

“Hearing that Google Reader is shutting down is like hearing that your favorite old bookstore is closing,” writesThe New Yorker’s Joshua Rothman. So what are all the “absurdly ambitious readers” to do?

He gives many of options and ranks them. He also mentions whether the RSS feed have apps and for what mobile device. Because I use a few different computers (work, home, ipad, phone) it’s important for me that the feed syncs with every device and that I can read it on every device. After reading this article, I am going to try Feedly.

Do you have an RSS feed you love? If so, tell me about it!






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