“Our School would be better off without iPads.”

Via Edudemic

Check out this intriguing if not controversial comment by a student in a school where the teachers all have iPads:

NOTE: Since a teacher’s name and school was included in the comment, I thought it might be useful to remove any personal or identifying information from the comment before raising awareness of it.

I get that iPads can help students learn and it can open up new opportunities to learn. But at -school name removed by Edudemic editor, Jeff- the teachers get their own iPad. they play games all throughout class and give us huge packets to work on. They don’t even teach us the material, they just say here’s your work do it by next class. Then they give us hard tests and wonder why no one get’s good grades on them. -teacher’s name removed by Edudemic editor, Jeff- is one of these teachers. They get paid to be here and do nothing, I’m forced to come and do more work then them. Our school would be better off without iPads.

What do you think?

1 thought on ““Our School would be better off without iPads.”

  1. Sung to the tune “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly”
    Don’t worry, you have not really lost your excellent teachers. Once they tire of online gaming (and while searching for that next biggest thrill), they will inevitably drift into the world of collaborative problem solving, critical thinking, and metacognition (as related to student learning)! All of this (and more) can be facilitated and enhanced through a little device I like to call the iPad! Simply playing with the iPad is the first step to a whole world of teaching excellence! You know, few ebonists ever pick up a hammer and make a fine cabinate on day-one. First you need to play with that hammer for a while. Throw it though a plate-glass window, or carve your initials into an antique desk with the prong-end. So relax, do a few more of those “huge packets”, and rest assured that your teachers will be back, one day. Rejuvenated and ready to implement a brave-new-curriculum. Sort of thrilling, eh?

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