A Student’s Perspective on iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro

In Anticipation for Tomorrow’s Presentation, I thought I would post this article reviewing the app iStudiez Pro. here is Mr. Snelgrove’s conclusion:

My Recommendation

If you’re a starving student or a parent trying to figure out how to make sure your kid gets through the seventh grade, I can’t recommend iStudiez Pro highly enough. It suffers from a little bit of feature bloat, but in this app’s case, one student’s feature bloat is another student’s paradise. Since I started using the app, my grades have gone up, my productivity has more than doubled, and my schedule has become much easier to manage. Even planning vacations got a lot easier when I could see where the gaps were in between assignments and work.

It is helpful to see how an actual student uses the app. With that in mind, I asked my daughter to try out the app for the couple of months. She is also a big fan though I notice she doesn’t use it for her class schedule. When I asked her whey, she said she couldn’t figure it out.

I think the main challenge for our school will be the importing of the bi-weekly schedule in the app. The way they ask you to input your class schedule does not allow for alternate weeks. This only means that they will have to manually input their schedule into the calendar, instead of using the planner section of the app.

But more on that tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “A Student’s Perspective on iStudiez Pro

  1. The statement “does not allow for alternate weeks” is not exactly true as you can set a course to repeat every 2 weeks for example. I’ve been using this app for 4 years in a row.

    • Thanks for the comment! You are very right- with a bit more sleuthing around I figured out how to add them on alternate weeks. First you add a class- make sure the start date is specific and then choose every two weeks. So if you have a class on Mondays every second week, that would be treated as one class. Then you add another class for say Thursday on the next week. You just have to make sure your start date is specific so the system knows when to begin counting!
      Clear as mud? This might need some visuals…
      If you have been using this app for four years you must really like it- good news as we are using it in our paperless agenda pilot project next school year!

      • I couldn’t agree more with the quoted recommendation actually, I could repeat every single word for myself. Yes I really do like the app because it’s so useful, simple to use, and beautifully designed; it just works as good as you expect. It’s a very powerful tool and I can hardly imagine not having it today. As you said in the article, it may take a while to set your entire schedule (and all your teachers if you want to) but when you’re done with it, you’ll be glad you did take the time to do it.
        It is actually great news to know that there is a project like the one you’re talking about!

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