Are We Doing Enough to Support the Parents?

I was perusing my iPad resources today and came across this post from my Fave iPad lady Lisa Johnson. She was talking about the implementation of a 1:1 iPad program in an independent school district and how it has been successful because they have taken a “360” approach:

I will say it would not be effective or successful if it weren’t for the 360 model of supporting all angles of the initiative… from district and admin decisions to student and teacher training and even parent meetings ranging from disseminating information to providing tips and tricks to manage the devices at home.Lisa Johnson

As this first year of our first 1:1 class comes to the end I realize we have given some teacher training (though by all accounts we could do more) and have talked to the students about social media and iPad management (though those lessons are hard and require much repetition) but we have not done anything for the parents. The post above gives links to the live streamed info sessions they gave at their parent sessions as well as a list of the resources they mentioned.

I think next year it would be a good thing to do the same thing, if only to let the parents know what our philosophy is at the school. I would also like to emphasize to the parents that managing technology is not something that is going to come overnight to the kids (it is a book, a theatre, a music library and an arcade all wrapped into one) just as time management and organization is not an innate skill. A combined vigilance at school and at home is required in order to develop in the student good study habits.

What do you think?

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