Infographic Thursday: Adapting to Online Learning

Via Edudemic


So let me get this straight:

The students who do better in online courses are those who are:

  1. richer,
  2. academically strong to being with,
  3. older,
  4. women.

These kind of studies make me want to utter a statement that begins with No and ends with Sherlock. But it is interesting to remember when we are talking about things like the flipped classroom or blended learning. This is something I have been thinking about for a long time- that the students who will benefit from reading the texts or watching the videos before class so that when they get to class they can do their work will be only a small portion of students.

It is also good to remember that learning online is not for everyone. Though it is a wonderful  option for those motivated, academically strong learners, many students still benefit from the presence of a teacher and the structure of a classroom.

Which I am sure is a statement that could also be answered with the statement that ends with Sherlock…

What do you think?

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