Exam Time is Nigh: Time to Make Your Flashcards!

Flashcardlet: Free

Flashcardlet: Free

If you have students who study well with flashcards, you might want to suggest the free app Flashcardlet.  It allows you to make your own flashcards that will display nicely on the iPad, import other people’s flashcards from Quizlet as well as make many decks:



Creating a deck and flashcards is very simple and easy:



The study mode gives you a lot of options:


This is how the cards look when you study:



To see the answer, you simply have to tap the card:


You can view all the cards in your library:



Although the  promo images on the itunes site makes it look like you can add photos to your flashcards, I think it is only if you create your cards on a desktop using quizlet and then download them. There was no way to add images via the iPad app that I could see, something I hope the good people at Brainscape will fix.

Still, I like this idea for studying as the student must input their own material. They need to write the questions as well as the answers which I always feel is half of studying right there…

Check it out and let me know what you think- I am fairly certain you will put it to better use than me…


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