Nice Message from the Flashcardlet people about Collaborative Flashcard Making!

I received this message in my inbox this morning and thought I would share it with you:

It looks like you told us that you were a teacher when you signed up for Brainscape the other day. If you’re planning on using Brainscape in your class, let us help you and your students get the most of the experience!

But wait a minute… I thought I was using flashcardlet… I guess the two are connected…

Brainscape: Free

Brainscape: Free

The first thing you’ll want to do is create a Subject on Brainscape’s website. Your Subject will serve as the online workspace that all of your students will eventually share. To create your Subject, simply click the “Create” button on the left side of your Library screen, and name the subject with the name of your class. The class should then show up in your list of subjects in the left column.

Okay. So I did this on my desktop. This is how it looked:

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 8.16.56 AMI am going to use the Tweflth Night again as my subject.

But wait….Can I create, edit and share my flashcards on the iPad? Let us see…



Okay. I downloaded the Brainscape app and yes, we can add subjects on the iPad\ as well as edit them:


The second step is to share the Subject with your students. Just click on the drop-down menu (or “people” icon) for your selected Subject, and you’ll be able to either retrieve the URL or type in your students’ email addresses one at a time. We recommend just posting the URL on your class website so that your students can access your subject (and sign up to it) on their own, at any time.


Okay. So this is where the functionality on the iPad does not live up to that of the desktop. You can only send a read-only link to your students on the iPad – they will not be able to modify the cards or add their own. But you can still add contacts manually:



The third step is to create the flashcards. The way to do this depends on whether you want to create flashcards for your class, or whether you want your students to collaboratively create the flashcards.

  1. If you want to create the flashcards yourself, simply click “create” (in the center part of the Library screen for your selected Subject), and name your first deck (e.g. “Chapter 1”). Follow the instructions to create as many decks/chapters you want your students to study.
  2. If you want your students to create flashcards, then it often works best to divide responsibilities among your students. e.g. “Jeff and Kelly, you create the Chapter 1 deck. Kyle and Nichole, you create the Chapter 2 deck,” etc. Because you’re sharing the Subject, you’ll be able to watch the deck & flashcard creation happen in real time!

Here is a sample card- they are as easy as flashcardlet to create!


Finally, once your students start studying, you’ll be able to track students’ Mastery and study habits by clicking the “View/Manage Learners” button in the right column of your Library screen. This data should be up-to-date whether your students are studying on their computer, iPhone, or iPad! You can find more detail on these types of teacher experiences by checking out our Teacher Page. Also, if you ever find a premium subject on Brainscape’smarketplace that you want your entire class to use, please contact us to purchase a class license. Please let us know if you have any more questions about setting your class up with Brainscape. We’re here to help!

This part you only seem to be able to do on the desktop:

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 9.33.14 AM

I like the very clear directions Brainscape gives you for how the cards work:





This could be really useful in those classes where you want students to begin building a collaborative study aid… In fact, I know a teacher who was trying to do just that – I think I will track her down and show her Brainscape!

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