Teacher iPad Survey Part 2: Results

Well, of the first 3 questions….I made a handy dandy infographic so you can have a nice visual:


Note #1: You might be wondering who the mysterious 21st person is in the survey as the school only has 20 teachers. Well, folks that would have been me, stupidly trying out my own survey and skewing the results. Still a case can be made for including me as I give many presentations and do a lot of different lessons. But still, not exactly a teacher, I know.

Note #2: I want to reiterate that the word “technology” caused some issues because of its vagueness. Some people said they felt very comfortable using the technology they are accustomed to- laptop, overhead projector. Others took it more literally to mean the iPad.

Note #3: My survey designing could obviously use a little honing…

More results to come!



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