SmartMusic App Now Available!

This year our Music teacher began using Smartmusic with her Grade seven beginning students. Though she was very happy with the program, the major problem was that it did not work on the iPad for the students.  And this year’s Grade seven class was our first class to require an iPad.

You can see the problem here can’t you?

Well the lovely people at smartmusic have chipped away at this problem and finally made a smartmusic app. As I am no musician by any stretch of the imagination, I am going to leave you with a review of the app from Technology in music education:

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 8.16.49 AM


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Here is a quote from the article:

This first version of SmartMusic for the iPad is intentionally incomplete. The company wanted to get a version out the door this spring and they will be adding functionality to the program in the next months. At the current time, if you have a SmartMusic subscription and use the iPad app, you will have access to all of the modern literature (exercises/songs that show printed music on screen), but not the legacy literature (songs that were accompaniment only). Just as on a computer, the SmartMusic app will listen to you as you play and sing, giving you immediate feedback on your performance (a score and visual representation of how you played in green and red notes) and allow you to hear how you played. You can also change the tempo and practice a certain area of your music. The iPad app also tracks the scores of your best three performance (this is more important that it seems…please see my next article on the use of the iPad app in choir to understand why).


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