Teacher iPad Survey Part 5: Attitudes Concluded: There’s No Despair Here…

If you’ve read the last couple of posts you might be under the false impression that our staff labour under a dark, ominous cloud of pessimism. It is not the case. I thought I would conclude the attitudes section of this Post-mortem with some of the positive comments I received about integrating tech in the classroom:

“Technology makes the class dynamic. If they have a question they will try to answer on their own instead of relying on me.”

“The grade sevens use it everyday from writing, to filming to showing stuff on screen.”

“The students respond well if you start using technology they have never seen before that has an impact. They have the ability to suck it up so fast because button pushing is now in their DNA so when you bring something new it excites them. You have to put these equipments in kids’ hands because that is the environment they are going to work in.”

“I am comfortable and %100 on board with the idea but a little less comfortable with the implementation.”

“I am very comfortable [with using tech] and by tech I mean all sorts and by comfortable I mean I am willing to try stuff even if it fails.”

Though many of the staff may not yet feel comfortable with the tool or feel like they know enough about it, they all had projects they would like to implement, things they would like to try. The following quotes are from a range of staff- not just those who have embraced the iPad:

“It would be good to have a list of apps that would compliment the program.”

“Would love to talk to Dan and the English teachers about what we can do with Apple TV.”

“Would like to get the kids to blog about math.”

“Would love to make iBooks instead of giving them all notes.”

“I have work to do in terms of the way I am thinking about the classroom.”

“I have no problem trying to learn it. Most things are made to be user friendly if you take the time to learn it.”

I think that the more concrete, subject specific examples we give on how the iPad can be used effectively in the classroom , the more we enable the sharing of ideas between teachers, the more those of us comfortable with the technology make ourselves available to those less comfortable as one on one resources, the more the hindering attitudes will recede back into the darkness whence they came.

Sorry- went a little Lord of the Rings there…


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