Grade 7 iPad Survey: Results! Part 1

Here are a few of the easily quantified results of the Grade 7 iPad survey:

#2: What do you use for your school agenda:
School agenda 1

Note: Calendar and reminders refer to the built-in apps that comes with the iPad. The person who said other uses Pages for their agenda. I am not sure how well that works out for them…

Here is a graphic that shows the number of students who use their built-in iPad apps as opposed to the paper agenda:

School Agenda

Which means that about 75% of students use their iPads as an agenda.

#3: Do you Use an External Keyboard?

External Keyboard

Note: This is a bit skewed as a few of the students who said no said they started with a keyboard but it broke early on in the year. Most of those who had broken keyboards were using the “squishy” or soft keyboards. They did mention that they are trying to convince their parents to purchase a harder keyboard as they felt it significantly enhanced their iPad user experience.

#4: In a typical week, how many hours do you read on the iPad or otherwise?


Note: As I mentioned last post, the students had trouble answering this. Part of this problem was that the librarian was giving them the survey and they felt that there might be a “right” answer. I tried to assure them that there was no judgment but I don’t think I was successful. Also, many of the students cited the busy-ness of the school year eating away at their reading time. Although many of the students like to read, they feel they don’t have time.

#7Outside of the school day, how many hours do you spend using your iPad?  

Hours oniPadNote: though I tried to tell the students not to include the time spent on homework, I don’t think they were able to separate the two. The ones who did cited the fact that they did everything on their iPad from leisure reading to games to social networking to homework. I was also surprised at how many students said they only spent about an hour a night on it. A lot of them said that they liked to do other things when they get home.

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