Grade 7 iPad Survey: Results! Part 2

Let’s continue with the results of the survey , shall we? Today will be the behemoth question, the 5 parter…

GENERAL NOTE: It is important to remember that these are the students’ perceptions only. Many of them who have the exact same schedule gave very different answers.

8. Out of 5 daily classes, how frequently:    

  • do you use the iPad for note-taking?



NOTE: The results for this one could be explained in part by the fact that for many of their classes in Grade 7 they are not required to take notes. The ones who said they take notes in only one class unanimously said that it was for science.

  • do you use the iPad for research?



NOTE: This is a good example of different perceptions- the answers to this question varied a lot given that they all have about the same classes.

  • does the teacher use it for instruction?


  • do you use the iPad for a specific project?

specific project

  • do you get distracted from your class work?



NOTE: This was an interesting question. As you will see in the following questions, many students cited the distraction of others as a hinderance, yet the majority claimed they only got distracted 1 out 5 classes. Hmmm… Curious. Very very curious…. But more on this in the following posts!

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