Grade 7 iPad Survey: Results! Part 4

Question #6: What was your favourite class project where you had to use the iPad?


The least favourite?    


This question was interesting in how it said nothing much about the iPads and a whole lot about the students.  The students who loved the multimedia projects tended to hate the word processing activities and vice versa. here is a sampling of their responses:



Favourite: multimedia the animation one

Least favourite: Making a brochure for english


favourite: horror movie for multimedia

Least favourite: using pages and keynote

And then the other side:

Favourite: the writing assignments for english using pages

least favourite: I did not like multimedia


Favourite: small story for multimedia where I had to learn pages.

Least favourite: animation project for multimedia.

However, it was also interesting to hear why they didn’t like certain projects. Most often it was because they did not find the app intuitive, or they simply did not know how to work it.

Here is a sampling of some of the reasons why they did  or did not like a project:

“Least favourite: English: filming for the interview. When you have to put together photo collages and slideshows. It was hard.”

This comment is referring to the background documentary project I had them do at the beginning of the year. Personally, I take this comment as a compliment- it was meant to be challenging!

“Least favourite: I find it is hard to do research on the ipad because it is a smaller screen and I feel more disorganised on my ipad than I do on my computer…”


“The least favourite: english elizabethan project, big and a lot of writing and hard to keep track.”


“least favourite: the science project now because you have to have it in 32 font and it prints wrong.”


“Least favourite: the blog project was hard to do on ipad. I was also having trouble saving my work.”

The above two examples are examples of where some troubleshooting help would have been handy.

Least favourite: animation creator because you have to draw every single little thing again and again. 60 frames.


“least favourite: the movie make thing because it was hard to edit on the ipad.”


“Least favourite: probably  Geo when we had to use keynote for our presentation. We just had to do it but did not get to present it.”


“Least favourite: when you just have to be typing up reports. I love to write but I like it to be more hands on. Like making a presentation.”


“Least favourite: Anytime the project consists of simply writing text on pages. It is boring. ”


“Least favourite: Science project. Astronomy project because I had to carry around both books and ipad.”


“Favourite: in science we had to make a pamphlet. I transferred the template from my computer to ipad.”


“I liked it in art when we had to draw on the ipad and then follow steps and do certain things in this app called sketchbook. I also liked the english project where we had to research a different religion.
In geography I didn’t like how we had a picture and had to answer questions but couldn’t have them on the same screen.”

It is interesting to learn about what the students liked doing and what they didn’t like so much. A lot of the times they don’t enjoy it because A) they don’t know how to work it, B) they are experiencing technical difficulties and need support C) it doesn’t fit their personality (they prefer writing to making animations or vice versa).

Next up: #9: What do you think the school could do to make the use of the iPad better for students? 

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