Grade 7 iPad Survey: Results! Part 5

Question #9: What do you think the school could do to make the use of the iPad better for students? 

This was not a mandatory question. 19 students answered and 13 skipped the question. I have separated the comments into three broad categories- comments that have to do with how we can support them in their learning, comments about discipline and distraction and the no complaints section. Here is a quick graph of how many comments we received in each category:

Make it better


“The school can have an app to show the new students how to get used to the school. A how to app…”


“More tips like how to turn off notifications during the day.”

NOTE: When the students told me that notifications were distracting them, I showed them how to turn the notifications off during the school day. They were all very grateful…

“I know we had a list of school apps, maybe we could have more apps that we need for each class. For example, a calculator app or know in advance the shakespeare app that we need. Have a more comprehensive required app list.”


“I personally don’t like the ipad. If they would give us individual keyboards, that would make a big difference. Send an email home to parents saying had ot get them.”


“Using it a bit more in French classes. ”


“We could use it a lot more in classes. We use a lot of paper when we could use it on the ipad.”


“Maybe give us more resources if we have to do a project instead of having to find a website , or maybe an app that can give info.”


For certain classes if you don’t need the ipad to turn the internet off in the room…

NOTE: I don’t think this is possible. It is  possible however to turn the internet off the iPads…

“[The teachers] should take our ipads and put them on their desk so we don’t get distracted.”


“Make it so you can’t use an app during the day so you can’t access games or facebook or twitter.”


“Tell [the students] they can’t download too many games. Games distracts us…”


“Personally, I wouldn’t get ipads for next year, because I come into class and everyone is on their ipads…You ask them what they are doing and they say they are playing together…”


“Limit the amount of apps you can buy. Arranging the seats so the teacher sits in back of us…”


“Without getting distracted I think we should sit in a certain way where the teachers can see our ipads because you can miss a lot of info if you are playing games.”


“You know when you can see what everyone is doing on the ipad. Put all the ipads on airplane mode during class.”


“I was told that snapchat and instagram was banned but I still see people [using these apps] as well as games. A lot of the time in class, I will see at least three people playing a game when they are supposed to be doing their work. The teachers need to reinforce it more.”


“Maybe take the ipads away for awhile if you don’t need them during class. I would find that helpful…”



“I think it is already pretty good. No complaints about the ipad itself. ”


“Don’t know. Feel supported.”

#10: Any additional comments?

For this question, many of them had nothing to say so I ask them if they liked the iPad. here were the results of that query:

Do you like the iPad


Here are  the actual, unprovoked additional comments I received:

“I feel like it is my own responsibility to manage my own distractions. I have no complaints about the ipad.”


“I like the ipad but I would rather have a l laptop because it is easier. It stays open but sometimes apps automatically shut down and don’t open to the spot where you where you were at.”


“I think the ipad is a cool idea. At my old school smartboards were the coolest thing. Bt this year ipads are the coolest thing.”


“I like computers better because it has less distractions. The app store has so many games. But it is lighter to carry.”


“I don’t think we should use them next year.
Suggestion: have a tech free day or week. No tech during school hours. ”


“I really like the ipad but I think it is very distracting. From what I see the schools that don’t have the ipad are more successful. They have less distractions.”


“I don’t like the ipad because it is very addicting, they take up a lot of your time and I don’t like touchscreen and you can’t use flash.”


“I would rather have laptops because it is harder to hide laptops. Not a lot of games that you can play won your laptop. Laptop would be less distracting. I find I also make a lot of mistakes with the ipad. ”


“For music no, because there is no smart music for ipads. But otherwise I like it. You like the feeling of the typing and how light it is.”

NOTE: smart music just launched their iPad app for students. Our music teacher is testing it out to see if it is worth getting…

“One thing: for the cases with the keyboard. A lot of people bought a case with a spongy keyboard and they all got a new case for keyboard. For future years suggest a good case. I use a targus with a hard keyboard.
I find it useful. For example, an ipad can do almost as much as a laptop but is cheaper, more portable and lighter.”


“I like the ipad but worry about the time I spend on it.”


“I like the ipad but I think for the next grade I would suggest getting a keyboard it is easier to use.”


“I find it very useful and much more portable than a laptop but upsetting when people are not using it appropriately and the whole class gets punished for that one person’s misuse.
More managing of notifications.
Group work can be hard if group mate is distracted by notifications and is not listening to instructions.
Also would like to have some support that encourages socializing instead of ipadding…
Maybe try to find a way to shut the game notifications.
This year’s grade 7s should be a role model for next year’s grade sevens on how to use it responsibly.”


“It is a great yet horrible thing. Useful but distracting…”


“I think they should ban mindcraft because students pretend to take notes but are actually playing mindcraft.”


“I think we should have a limit to how many games on our ipad…”

Phew. And that folks, concludes the data part of this survey.

Next post: So what do we do with all this data?


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