GoClass: a Lesson Plan Solution

GoClass Price: free

Price: free

Via iPad Apps for School

Came across this post about Goclass:

GoClass is a free iPad application for creating short lessons and delivering them to your students. The lessons can include annotated images, free hand sketches, text, and video. GoClass gives teachers tools for creating class rosters that they can use to keep track of which students are using the lessons when. Teachers also have the option to ask questions and poll their students. After the students’ response have been gathered teachers can project those responses without showing individual student’s names.

Looks interesting… Here is what the description says:

GoClass uses a lesson plan metaphor to organize images, documents, videos, URLs, teacher notes and assessments into a structured sequence of lesson plan elements. Instructors equipped with the GoClass App on their iPads can share these elements with a class by broadcasting them to student devices or projecting them to the front of the room using a standard LCD projector or large screen TV. GoClass treats the projector and the student device as two independent channels for sharing content and the teacher has complete control over what is rendered on each channel.

Classroom management features inform instructors about student attention and engagement while inline assessments provide instructors immediate feedback on student performance.

So it sounds like it is trying to be a whole lesson plan solution…

Here are some screenshots from the tutorial:






Hmmm. Looks interesting- now if only I had a lesson plan to try it with…


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