Ironic Friday: An App to Help You Get OFF Your Device

Pause- Pause the digital. Start the real. Free

Pause- Pause the digital. Start the real.

Sigh. This is what it has come down to- we need an app to track our offline hours. Now, I was initially intrigued by this because I’ve been looking for an iPad option for a piece of software I have on my desktop called Time Out. Time Out blacks out my computer every thirty minutes for a period of three minutes reminding me to get up from my desk, walk around and stretch (I usually try to use that time to do another task that is not at my desk).

But no. Pause (an iphone app) is an app to track the hours you spend offline.

Here are the introduction screenshots:







And this is where I stopped because they gave you no other option but to connect to facebook. And also, what about simply self-regulating by  um, skipping the app and just turning off your airplane mode?

I like the idea of pausing from the computer because of the need to be reminded to move around and stretch, but I am not convinced that we need to track our offline hours and then compete with our friends to see how long you were able to stay offline.

But that’s just me. I know some people need some incentive and perhaps this would help them manage their online time…

What do you think? Ironic? Ridiculous? Useful?


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