The Connected Learners- A Book by Students for Teachers

Via Langwitches

Just came across this interesting project from a high school English class in Oslo, Norway, led by Anne Michaelson. She decided to give the talking stick to her students about what are the ingredients of a connected learner. The class jumped on the project and created this book:









It is available as a pdf for $5.99 here. All proceeds go to the students’ high school to support actual visits to the schools with whom they collaborate online.

The comments from Langwitches piqued my interest:

The chapter on motivation is especially interesting. Marie and Silje relate their motivation in school to the ever important question: WHY DO I HAVE TO DO THIS?  The two young authors conclude that it is not just about finding ONE answer to that questions. HOW many answers one can come up with is  directly related to the degree of motivation you will experience.

We, as educators (in the classroom, but also as curriculum writers and decision makers) need to truly start making MOTIVATION  part of our priorities. How can we help students come up with more and more answers to this eternal question…beyond “because you might need it in the future”, “because I said so”… or “you want to get a good grade”.

What do you think?

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