Send an Audio recording of your Dictée with Voice Recorder

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 8.33.55 AMYesterday a French teacher asked me how she could send a recording of her speaking the dictation words to her class as a study aid.

I told her about a couple of audio recording apps, my favourite of which is Voice Recorder ($0.99):

photoI like the simple interface. All you have to do is push the red button and begin talking! Once you are finished, you can rename your recording, share it via email, facebook or youtube or save it to your camera roll.


A note on the notes though- the note is not included when you share the recording. Which is sad, because that would have been a great feature for our purposes of a Dictée study aid…

You can also download it by syncing it via wifi:



Or use the timer to count yourself in:



VoiceRecorder is a simple, inexpensive app that is easy to use.

FYI: I covered this topic early this year in this post, where I talked about audio memos.


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