The next few days will be dedicated to Media Literacy Week!


1. Divide students into groups.

2. Assign them a short media minute video to watch.

3. Have them record the discussion assignment at the end of the video.

4.Annotext their recording to pinpoint where they discussed the following questions:

  • Who is the target for this ad?
  • What are they selling?
  • What kind of strategies is the ad using in order to get  youth buy their product?
  • Are they any gender stereotypes involved in this ad?
  • For more questions, visit the mediasmarts media literacy page fundamentals

Here is an interesting idea that could also be developed into a lesson plan:

See on Scoop.itipadyoupad

By Jonathan Friesem GUEST BLOGGER Ever since the Media Education Lab moved from Temple University to the University of Rhode Island, I was looking for a chance to update the classic media literacy …

Lina Gordaneer‘s insight:

To kick off our Media Literacy week, here is an interesting article about a media literacy smartphone. I checked to see if maybe they simply made an app (so you wouldn’t have to purchase the actual smart phone) but it doesn’t look like it. Still not sure how it works- if the buttons actually do anything or simply serve as conversation starters, which is also useful, but then, not necessary to have the hardware.

See on


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