The Digital Lives of Teens: The Key Word is Trust


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The recent decision by Glendale Unified School District in Southern California to hire a private firm, Geo Listening, that will troll through the digital lives of teenagers has sparked widespread con

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Huh. The latest version of the nannycam for our students: outsourcing a company to spy on students’ use of social media. The whole thing seems outlandishly extremist and wrong-headed, akin to using a wrecking ball to topple a house of cards…

Not that I think cyberbullying is just a house of cards, but I do think that people who, whipped into a frenzy of fear and paranoia about the dangers of social media, believe they need to surveil their children instead of guiding them are not only fighting a ridiculous battle, they are supplying the weapons.

How are we to establish a relationship based on trust with our students if we do not trust them?

Will they make mistakes? Yes.

Do we want our youth to be able to come to us when they do? Double yes.

Do we want to give them the tools to be able to make the right decisions base on their own sense of responsibility and moral compass? Triple, Quadruple yes.

I am seriously appalled.


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